Makio Yamada (DPhil Oxon) is a researcher specialising in the political economy and international relations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in the Middle East/West Asia. In particular, he investigates economic diversification in Saudi Arabia and Gulf-Asia relations.

Contact: makio.yamada "at"

Research Projects

1. The Political Economy of Economic Diversification in Saudi Arabia

Published works:

"Can Saudi Arabia Move beyond 'Production with Rentier Characteristics'?: Human Capital Development in the Transitional Oil Economy", Middle East Journal, 72 (4), 2018: 587-609. View

"Battle against the Thawb Syndrome: Labor Nationalization, Industrial Diversification, and Education Reform in Saudi Arabia", Gulf Affairs, Autumn 2015: 17-20. View

"Saudi Manufacturing: Can Monozukuri Take Root in the Kingdom?", in Annika Kropf and Mohamed A. Ramady (ed.) Employment and Career Motivation in the Arab Gulf States: The Rentier Mentality Revisited. (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2015), 223-242.

2. Revisiting the East Asian Development Experience

Published Work:

"How Did Japan Achieve a 1% Unemployment Rate?: Facilitating the Education-to-Employment Transition", Dirasat, 30, 2017. Download

3. Gulf-Asia Economic Relations

Major works:

"Saudi Arabia's Look-East Diplomacy: Ten Years On", Middle East Policy, 22 (4), 2015: 121-139.

"Islam, Energy, and Development: Taiwan and China in Saudi Arabia, 1949-2013", American Journal of Chinese Studies, 22 (1), 2015: 77-98.

"Gulf-Asia Relations as 'Post-Rentier' Diversification?: The Case of the Petrochemical Industry in Saudi Arabia", Journal of Arabian Studies, 1 (1), 2011: 99-116.