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Last updated: 30 January 2019

Journal Articles

"Can Saudi Arabia Move beyond 'Production with Rentier Characteristics'?: Human Capital Development in the Transitional Oil Economy", Middle East Journal, 72 (4), 2018: 587-609.

"Saudi Arabia's Look-East Diplomacy: Ten Years On", Middle East Policy, 22 (4), 2015: 121-139. View

"Islam, Energy, and Development: Taiwan and China in Saudi Arabia, 1949-2013", American Journal of Chinese Studies, 22 (1), 2015: 77-98. Download

"Gulf-Asia Relations as 'Post-Rentier' Diversification?: The Case of the Petrochemical Industry in Saudi Arabia", Journal of Arabian Studies, 1 (1), 2011: 99-116. Download

Book Chapter

"Saudi Manufacturing: Can Monozukuri Take Root in the Kingdom?", in Annika Kropf and Mohamed A. Ramady (ed.) Employment and Career Motivation in the Arab Gulf States: The Rentier Mentality Revisited. (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2015), 223-242. Download

Research Papers

"How Did Japan Achieve a 1% Unemployment Rate?: Facilitating the Education-to-Employment Transition", Dirasat, 30, 2017. Download

"GCC-East Asia Relations in the Fields of Nuclear and Renewable Energy: Opportunities and Barriers", Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Paper, MEP14, September 2016. Download

Short Research Articles

"Exploring Why Institutional Upgrading Is not so Easy in Rentier States", Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) Studies, 33, 2019. View

"Skilling Youth: Japan's Experience in 'Joint Training' of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Commentary, October 2018. Download

"The UAE/Saudi Arabia-East Asia Energy Relations: Towards More Dynamics and Diverse", Emirates Diplomatic Academy Insight, September 2017. Download

"King Salman's Visit to Tokyo: In Search of New Concepts for Saudi-Japanese Bilateral Relations", King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Commentary, May 2017. Download

"Vision 2030 and the Transformation of Saudi-Japanese Economic Relations", King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Special Report, January 2017. Download

"Vision 2030 and the Birth of Saudi Solar Energy", Middle East Institute Policy Focus, July 2016. Download

"Battle against the Thawb Syndrome: Labor Nationalization, Industrial Diversification, and Education Reform in Saudi Arabia", Gulf Affairs, Autumn 2015: 17-20. (OxGAPS) View

"Seven Years On: Saudi Arabia's 'Look East' Diplomacy", Newsbrief, 33 (4), 2013: 17-19. (Royal United Services Institute) View (Login required)

"Japan-Gulf Relations in the Wider Asian Context", Gulf-Asia Research Bulletin, 6, 2013: 6-9. (Gulf Research Center) Download (Free)

"The Gulf's Pivot to Asia", Aspenia, 59-60, 2013: 102-107. (Aspen Institute Italia)

Book Reviews

Review of The Political Economy of Renewable Energy and Energy Security: Common Challenges and National Responses in Japan, China and Northern Europe by Espen Moe and Paul Midford (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), Japan Forum, 28 (4), 2016: 567-569. Download

Review of "Keizai Taikoku" Nihon no Gaiko: Enerugi Shigen Gaiko no Keisei, 1967-1974 nen [English Title: The Energy Resource Diplomacy of a Rising Japan, 1967-1974] by Junichiro Shiratori (Tokyo: Chikura Shobo, 2015), Japanese Journal of Political Science, 17 (3), 2016: 523-525. Download

Review of Asia-Gulf Economic Relations in the 21st Century: The Local to Global Transformation by Tim Niblock (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2013), Journal of Arabian Studies, 4 (2), 2014: 283-284. Download

Review of Desert Kingdom: How Oil and Water Forged Modern Saudi Arabia by Toby Craig Jones (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2010), British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 40 (3), 2013: 347-349. Download

Review of Oman and Japan: Unknown Cultural Exchange between the Two Countries by Haruo Endo (Muscat: Muscat Printing Press, 2012), Gulf-Asia Research Bulletin, 6, 2013: 22. Download

Review of The Persian Gulf and Pacific Asia: From Indifference to Interdependence by Christopher Davidson (London: Hurst & Co., 2010), Journal of Arabian Studies, 1 (2), 2011: 277-278. Download

Research Paper in Arabic

"Kaifa Haqqaqat al-Yaban Nisbat Batalat 1%?: Tamhid al-Tahawwul min al-Ta'lim ila al-'amal", Dirasat, 30, 2017.

Short Research Articles/Newspaper Article in Arabic

"Saql Maharat al-Shabbab: Tajribat Al-Yaban fi 'al-Tadrib al-Mushtarak' li al-Sharikat al-Saghirat wa al-Mutawassitat" (translated), King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Commentary, October 2018. Download

"Al-'Alaqat baina Dawlat al-Imarat al-'Arabiyat al-Muttahidat wa al-Mamlakat al-'Arabiyat al-Sa'udiyat ma'a Duwal Sharq Asiya fi Majal al-Taqat: Nahwa Mazid min al-Murunat wa al-Tanaww'" (translated), Emirates Diplomatic Academy Insight, September 2017. Download

"Ziyarat al-Malik Salman ila Tukiu: Al-bahth 'an Mafahim Jadidat li al-'Alaqat al-Thunaiyat al-Sa'udiyat-al-Yabaniyat" (translated), King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Commentary, May 2017. Download

"Ru'wyat al-Mamlakat 2030 wa al-Tahawwul fi al-'Alaqat al-Iqtisadiyat baina al-Sa'udiyat wa al-Yaban" (translated), King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Special Report, January 2017. Download

"Al-'Alaqat al-Siniyat-al-Khalijiyat fi Marhalat ma ba'ada al-Naft: Al-Taqat al-Nawawiyat wa al-Istithmar" [China-Gulf Relations after Oil: Nuclear Energy and Investment], Araa hawla al-Khalij, 106, 2016: 38-41. (Gulf Research Center) View

"Naql al-Tiknulujiyat al-Dawliyat ila al-Mamlakat wa Aafaq-ha al-Jadidat" [International Technology Transfer to the Kingdom and Its New Horizon], Al-Iqtisadiya, 5 August 2013. View

Short Research Article in Chinese

"Guanyu Zhongguo Fazhan Jingyan yu Haiwan Alabo Guojia Jingji Xin-Moshi de Tantao" [China's Development Experience and the Gulf states' New Economic Model], Zhongdong Yanjiu, 63, 2014: 51-56. (Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, Northwest University)

Short Research Articles in Japanese

"Wangan San'yu-koku ni totte no Shigen Gaikou: 'Rentia' to 'Datsu/Kouki-Rentia' no Seiji Keizai Bunseki Shiron" [Resource Diplomacy of Gulf Oil States: Political Economy Analysis of "Rentier" and "Post/Late-Rentier"], World Trend, 211, 2013: 22-27. (Institute of Developing Economies-JETRO)
Download (Free)

"Kankoku to UAE: Shinka Suru Kankei to Gurobaru-ka 2.0" [South Korea and the UAE: The Deepening Relationship and Globalisation 2.0], UAE, 53, 2013: 16-18. (UAE-Japan Society)

"Sauji Henyou: 'Chishiki Keizai' Mattanashi" [Changes in Saudi Arabia: Time is Ripe for "Knowledge Economy"], Arab, 140, 2012: 7-8. (Japan-Arab Association)

"Sauji Sangyou Tayouka de Chuugoku Indo to Boueki Masatsu [Saudi Arabia's Industrial Diversification and Trade Disputes with China and India], Arab, 137, 2011: 24-25. (Japan-Arab Association)